Enjoy all the benefits of a professional grooming tool with the FurSweep Pet Deshedding Tool designed for home pet care.

Just like finding the right dog or cat food, your pet needs the right pet hair remover to keep their coat glossy and their skin free of itchy dandruff. The FurSweep does both of those things and more, thanks to the 4″ stainless steel blade that reaches deep into your pet’s undercoat to pull out matted hair, stimulate oils in their skin, and leave them feeling happy and healthy.


The FurSweep Pet Deshedder is a unique 2-in-1 detangler and deshedder that won’t yank or pull their hair while still reducing shedding by upwards of 90%. More efficient than a loud, intimated pet groomer vacuum, easier to use than pet grooming scissors, and a perfect pal to pet shampoo, there’s no better to help curb your allergies and protect your pet’s skin and coat health than with the versatile FurSweep Pet Grooming Tools.


  • · Reduces Pet Shedding by up to 90%
  • · Unbreakable Stainless Steel Material
  • · Cleaner and Healthier Home without Pet Hair
  • · Easy to Clean
  • · Works Easy for Short, Medium and Long Pets Hair
  • · 4″ Wide Comb
  • · Comes with Protective Edge Cover and Plastic Case

Give your pet a reason to be happy, healthier and dandruff free; get the FurSweep Dog & Cat Brush – deShedding tool today clicking “BUY NOW ON US AMAZON”!